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About Us



Inter-America Soccer League Inc. was started in the month August of the year 1998. The League is afiliated with the (CYSA-S)California Youth Soccer Association-South. In the very beginning the league opened match play with only eleven teams:

*3 teams were composed of children under the age of 8 (U8)
*4 teams were composed of children under the age of 10(U10)
*4 teams were composed of children under the age of 12(U12)

The league was organized by current President Mr. Humberto Jara and Salvador Perez. Its mission was and still is to provide youth with the opportunity to participate in organized soccer at a minimal cost under the guidelines set forth by the CYSA-S.

Prior to the inception of the league many children who where talented soccer players were unable to register in an affiliated soccer league due to their families scarce economic resources. The Inter-America Soccer League has been an avenue for low economic resource families to involve their children in organized competitive and recreational sports.

In June of 1999 the Inter-America Soccer League was incorporated as a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation and by the year 2000 the league had grown from 11 teams to over 40 teams.

Two years after inception the league separated the teams into specific age groupings, with age groups of U8,U9,U10,U11,U12 and U13

The league play consists of two league sponsored tournaments:

1. Autumn/Winter

2. Spring/Summer

Teams that participate in Inter-America's Soccer League, enjoy the benefit of playing year around. The games are played in well manicured soccer fields in school within the San Gabriel Valley cities of El Monte, Baldwin Park and La Puente.

At the present time, more than 50 coaches hold a National "D" level license and all coaches in the league have the minimum coaching "E" license required by the CYSA-S. Aside from all the training our coaches posses, the league encourages and provides league coaches the opportunity to further prepare themselves by helping them participate in courses offered in Mexico professional soccer schools.

In October 2003, seven Inter-America Soccer League coaches participated in the Convention for Soccer Coaches held in Pachuca, Mexico.

In June of 2004, the league organized a week of coach training for coaches in our league and seraunding Los Angeles area. This course was conducted by the staff of the "Fuerzas Basicas" Mexican professional soccer club Atlas of Guadalajara Mexico.

Instruction was given by Professors: Raul Morales and Paco Castrejon, who are the trainers for the goal keepers of the Mexican Professional Soccer Club Atlas Of Guadalajara. Professor Jose Luis Mata, who is currently assistant coach to the First Division Atlas team, and Luis A. Landeros, who is the Conditioning/Agility/Stregth Physical trainer of the Fuerzas Basicas of Atlas Schools of Soccer.

In July 2004, a group of coaches had the opportunity to participate in a training course sponsored by the professional soccer club from Atlas of Guadalajara directed to its Affiliates. In July of 2005, some of the league coaches also attended this annual training at Guadalajara Mexico.

Today the league continues to prosper due to the high quality of competitive and recreational play. Inter-America Soccer League Inc. now participates teams of age groups U8 to U18.

The 2008-09 soccer season is upon us and we are excited that we continue to grow.

Humberto Jara

Inter-America Soccer League Inc.* PO BOX 654 * Rosemead* Ca * 91770